Hello America Bicycle Tour

Twice Across the US, Coast to Coast

Bicycling Adventure #2

92 days, 6,700 miles, Mar-Jun 2004

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Day 93 2004-06-01Gear page 85 of 86
The red seat bag, tied beneath my seat and Jenny's handlebars, is home-made. Jenny can access it while riding, and it carries camera, maps, food, extra water, sunscreen, a valuables pouch, etc.
The computer carrier is home-made, and is secured to the bike with heavy hook & loop fastener. Inside the red waterproof shell is a foam-padded liner. Additional vibration protection is provided by extra foam padding on the mounting straps. Additional moisture protection is provided by a re-closable plastic bag surrounding the computer.
Over the rear wheel we installed a standard bike rack made of hollow aluminum tubing anodized black. To this we strapped a pair of ordinary dry bags (blue) of the type used for river rafting. These bags contain our tarp, groundsheet, 2-person quilt, foam sleeping pads, extra clothing, ditty bag, and the computer's AC power plug-in and phone wire. These bags are tied to the rack rather than fastened with buckles. This is because a buckle coming unsnapped at high speed could entangle the spokes.
On top of the rack rests a yellow dry bag. This holds our rain gear, spare tire and 3 spare tubes, a few more spare clothes, and any food and water that will not fit in the seat bag. This bag expands or contracts to fit the contents. And like the blue bags and red computer bag, is completely waterproof.
With the gear in place, we cover it with a sheet of orange flagging, lashed in place at all four corners. This flagging make us more visible to motorists.
These tires barely got us home, Specialized Infinity Armadillo 700 x 35. Note the tread delamination.

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