Hello America Bicycle Tour

Twice Across the US, Coast to Coast

Bicycling Adventure #2

92 days, 6,700 miles, Mar-Jun 2004

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Day 6 2004-03-06Arizona page 4 of 86

We rose at dawn, glad not to be hearing the constant pattering of rain outside. One look out the window showed why - the rain had turned to snow. Two inches of mushy snow on the ground, and the sky blackened with heavy clouds. Obviously we weren't going anywhere for awhile. It rained most of the day, but in the late afternoon a bit of sun came out so we walked a mile to the Public Library for something to do. Otherwise I spent much of the day programming (Perl). It was such a pleasure to have the computer along; for us, the first time ever on a journey. I enjoy the programming for its mental challenge.

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