Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean

No Motor, No Sails

54.5 days, 3,000 miles, Nov-Dec 2002

Ray & Jenny Jardine

The Barbados Log, Jan 10-23, 2003

Arizona Couple Row Across the Atlantic

Bridgetown, Barbados (AP)

An Arizona couple arrived in Barbados on Dec. 30 after rowing together across the Atlantic for 53 days, dodging large tuna, rough waters, and container ships.

Ray and Jenny Jardine were greeted in Port St. Charles by blaring boat horns and about 50 spectators on shore.

"It was absolutely fantastic," said Ray Jardine, a 58-year-old writer, after stepping off the rowboat Caper. "It was just super-worthwhile, and it feels very good to be in."

The well-tanned couple, who have been married for 20 years, set out on the nearly 3,000 journey from the Canary Islands, Spain, on Nov. 7. They did not break any records but said the feat was a personal achievement.

Both toasted the adventure with a glass of ice water, saying it was more emotionally toiling than physical.

"A wave crashed over the top of the boat and just about capsized us and inundated us within the first couple of weeks of the trips" Ray Jardine said. "We had close calls with three container ships which were headed for us."

The couple, both full-time skydivers, also said they had to kick away a large tuna that tried to jump aboard Caper, a 23-foot plywood boat.

The boat weighs 1,650 pounds and has a sleeping cabin at the stern, said Jenny Jardine, 44.

"I think it's absolutely unbelievable not only to row all the way across from the Canary Islands, but it's a husband and wife team," said tourist Peter Golstein of London, who watched the couple arrive.

"Two months together and they are still talking," Golstein said. "That's brilliant."

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