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Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Under construction

1990 buliding our first garage. We even poured the slab (floor).

The rear door is for the firewood shed part.

Winter in central Oregon

Putting a new roof on the house while we're at it.

Clearing the land and pulling out the stumps where the shop will sit. After digging the stumps just enough, Jenny belays them while I pull them out with the van. This is the fall of 1993, right after we hiked the AT.

The larger stumps requred a lot of digging.

Mixing and pouring the footings for the posts

One post is up. We're raising the second one with ropes and van.

The posts were so heavy that we had to roll them to the site.

After nudging the posts this way and that to get them aligned just right, we poured concrete in the holes.

Using a chainsaw to trim the posts at an even height, and also trimming them sideways (at the upper 12") so that they will fit the trusses.

By law, I couldn't build the trusses on a building of this size, so I had to have them custom made. And of course once made, I couldn't lift them into place.

Working under a polytarp.

By the way, we have no background in construction work. We're just adlibbing as we go.

Starting to take shape.

My helper, cleaning off the snow. This was a first-thing every morning job, most days.



Starting to work inside

We hung insulation under the ceiling, and Jenny did most of this part of the work.

Nearly finished - but the corner trim and doors. Just about time to start training for another PCT hike (PCT #3, 1994).

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