Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail #2

Campo to Manning Park

Thru-hike #2

125 days, 2,700 miles, Apr-Jul 1991

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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PCT #2, early season in the High Sierra

Early season in the High Sierra

Pacific Crest Trail

Long-Distance Hike #2:
Campo to Manning Provencial Park

2,700 miles total
4 months and 3 days

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Trail maintainence

Trail maintainence prior to the hike. Following two major wind storms we chain-sawed about 100 trees from across the PCT in central Oregon.

Food drier

Our home-made food drier stands near the wood stove. The cheese-cloth bags hanging from the frame contain previously dried food.

Jenny prepares dinner of corn pasta

Our first evening on the trail, Jenny prepares dinner of corn pasta.

Early season on Forester Pass

May 4. Crossing the notorious couloir beneath Forester Pass. Jenny is using steps I chopped with my ice axe. Her climbing rope is barely visible in this picture, in front of her right leg.

Sunburn protection in the High Sierra">

Sunburn protection in the sunny High Sierra.

Worn out shoes

When people no longer point to my shoes and say - "They're two different brands!" I know it's time to switch to new ones.

Creek fording

Jenny using an eddy behind a rock for a short rest mid stream.

drying the quilt

At the end of a long, rainy day, drying the down quilt.

Three Sisters Wilderness

In the Three Sisters Wilderness of Oregon.

Trail's end

Trail's end, Aug 20.

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