The Cardon Coast

San Felipe to La Paz

Baja Sea-Kayaking Adventure #9

33 days with Jenny, 680 miles, Nov 1989

Ray Jardine

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On the Yellowstone River with the "Sea Tub," the year after our 3,300-mile kayak voyage to the Bering Sea.

For our upcoming trip to Baja we are modifying the boat again, this time more extensively. We have removed the floorboards and in their place installed two more longeron tubes. Here we have set up the rigging and now we are checking the drape of our homemade sails.

We are making a new deck of more waterproof materials. That is one of the old floorboards, behind me.

Jenny is sewing a part of the new deck.

Our second story apartment in Salt Lake City looks more like a shop, but we were very careful not to damage the carpet or walls.

A person might get an inking what kinds of work we are doing just by looking at the many tools.

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