Global Voyage

A Story About Sailing Around the World

Ray & Jenny aboard the ketch Suka

3 years, 35,000 miles, Nov 1982 - Jan 1986

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Chapter 2: Marquesas Magnifique page 36 of 109

Intent on telephoning our respective parents to wish them seasons' greetings, we motored back to Taiohaie on December 24. The bank was closed for the holidays, and because we were nearly out of francs we were unable to buy food for Christmas dinner at Maurice's small store. Not to be daunted, Jenny prepared a dinner from Suka's canned provisions no less fitting for the occasion.

Anxious to explore more, on Christmas Day we weighed anchor. In lieu of a windlass, our usual method in water not so deep was this: One person would stand at the helm and motor slowly toward the anchor, while the other person hauled in chain, hand-over-hand. When over the anchor, the chain was snubbed to the foredeck bitts, letting the ketch's inertia to break the anchor free of the seabed.


Coconut grove

Taipi Bay

This time we traveled east to Taipi (Tie-Pee'), a large bay remarkably shallowed from the sediment effusing from the river of the same name. After passing by a small freighter anchored well out, we cautiously made our way into the bay with one eye on the depth sounder. A quarter-mile from the bight, we anchored in a mere two fathoms.


Anchored in Taipi Bay

Pulling the long distance to shore, we crossed a shallow sand bar and entered the deeper river, to the sounds of large crabs scurrying into their holes along the mud banks. The townspeople were busy unloading supplies lightered to their small quay from the freighter. Landing and securing our "dink" to a tree, we followed a mud road leading through the settlement. The yards of most houses were adorned with pamplemousse trees drooping with the overgrown, succulent grapefruit. Mango trees were abundant, as were the many species of flowers and decorative plants.

The islander's houses were simple: constructed from sheets of tin and plywood, woven mats and palm fronds, they featured at least one large, open window on each wall. These structures were designed to shed the rain yet admit plenty of cross ventilation. Colorful curtains afforded privacy when desired. Outside, immaculate yards comprised, not grass lawns or pruned hedges, but more pragmatically, fruit trees and flourishing vegetable gardens. The gardens were well tended, and the bare grounds surrounding them meticulously raked and kept clear of any debris.

Leaving the village far behind, we climbed into the higher country on a road leading past thousands of coconut trees and many sizable groves of bananas. En route we met two young men headed back toward town carrying a small bundle of spindly, freshly skinned birds, and a 22-caliber rifle exceptionally crude of manufacture.

“We felt rather humiliated trudging past, mud bespattered head to feet and soaked in sweat. It seemed that we were the uncivilized ones.”

Retracing our steps, we eventually reached Taipi village again, just as the Christmas church service was letting out. At least 200 people were congregating in the church yard. Other than being shoeless, for the ground was extremely muddy, they were dressed in their Sunday best. And they looked grand. This surprised us considering their simple lifestyles, and we felt rather humiliated trudging past, mud bespattered head to feet and soaked in sweat. It seemed that we were the uncivilized ones.

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