Global Voyage

A Story About Sailing Around the World

Ray & Jenny aboard the ketch Suka

3 years, 35,000 miles, Nov 1982 - Jan 1986

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Chapter 1: Voyage to Fatu Hiva page 25 of 109


Scanning the empty horizon.

The horizon ahead was empty, as always, but throughout the morning we anxiously scanned it, looking for a faint hint of the island crouching low on the water.

Although my sextant exercises on the California beach had proven successful, since our embarkation I had no means at my disposal to verify that my HO-249 celestial calculations were correct. Day by day, my x-marks penciled on my chart had marched in the appropriate direction across the ocean void. And although these marks seemed accurate, the possibility of wretched Murphy glaring over my shoulder now cast a shadow of increasing inscrutability into the mood.

So when in the late morning an indistinct smudge seemed to be adumbrating in the clouds far, far ahead, we did not know whether to shout for unbridled joy or to ignore it as an apparition.

Gazing so long and intently at a shape the mind says should be there, yet that the eyes cannot quite discern, eventually imparts an uneasy sensation to the stomach. Having seen nothing solid rising from the ocean for twenty-nine days, we worried that our sea-crazed interpretative abilities may have gone by the board. Were we seeing the shadow of a figment borne in minds bloated with anticipation? I stood at the tip of the bowsprit clutching the headstay and leaning forward, as if to scrutinize the view all the closer. Meanwhile, Suka sailed ahead, rather too slowly for us now.

Land Ho!

“Day 29

In a few hours the amorphous smudge began indeed materializing, until we were certain we were seeing genuine real estate.

LAND HO! FATU HIVA dead ahead!

Having sighted the island at a distance of nearly thirty miles, we sailed throughout the afternoon exultant. The land seemed to draw us magnetically, almost spiritually. Then at eventide we closed with a staggeringly imposing, upthrust and verdure-carpeted escarpment.


The night was not dark, for as the sun fell away to the west, a glorious full moon rose to the east and began washing the magnificent island in mercurial luminescence. We rounded the southern flanks and found the island's protected lee, and in so doing we shook free of the ocean swell and its motion to which we had grown so accustomed. Likewise blocked by land, the trade winds diminished to a whisper. Suka lay strangely calm.

The island's ethereal glory was far more than we could have imagined. Towering and incredibly steep-to, the monolithic hulk seemed to lunge skyward from the sparkling, moon bespeckeled waters. The coastline rose with singular abruptness, composed mainly of sheer rock slabs. These withstood the incessant onslaught of a reverberating surf, bred from the restive swell rolling in from the never-never, the high austral latitudes.

“We were stunned by the tropical beauties that fell upon our sea-glazed eyes.”

Having experienced nearly a month upon a comparatively barren ocean, we were stunned by the tropical beauties that fell upon our sea-glazed eyes. Unbridled joy flooded every nook and cranny of our souls. This upthrust escarpment is but a fragment of planet Earth taken as a whole, yet our consciousness embraced it as though it was our very link to the cosmos. Every shard of toil during the previous months was here and now brought to fruition. Our satisfaction at having reached this, our first landfall, was supreme. We had reached Fatu Hiva--the island of our dreams, and the first milestone in our global voyage.

Standing away a mile or so to the southwest, we drifted, eagerly awaiting daylight.


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