Global Voyage

A Story About Sailing Around the World

Ray & Jenny aboard the ketch Suka

3 years, 35,000 miles, Nov 1982 - Jan 1986

Ray & Jenny Jardine

In Retrospect

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“Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win
by fearing to attempt.”

- Shakespeare

In the circumnavigation's aftermath I would like to elucidate the one event that stood vastly above all others as having the most import.

Curiously, perhaps, the journey's most significant occurrence was not the purchase of my beautiful ketch, as imbued with excitement though that transaction was. Nor was it Jenny's and my embarkation, as lifestyle-wrenching and dramatic as that one was. Contrary to what one might guess, it was neither our first dreadful storm at sea, nor the self-confidence the weathering of that storm engendered. By the same token, it was not the conclusion of our first extended passage, when with indescribable feelings of wonder and accomplishment we stepped ashore on our first tropical island. And against further conjecture in the matter, it was not when we sailed back into home port, to conclude the marvelous global journey.

No, the most consequential incident was one that occurred much earlier, during the dreaming stages. The incident I am referring to was, in fact, the moment when I quit flighting through amorphous realms of fantasy, and instead began making real plans. It was when I vanquished the mere dreaming, and set out upon the long and arduous journey of making it all happen.

How true that the most difficult yet momentous aspect of any project is in deciding to begin it. For without the initial determination to attempt the cruise, none of the subsequent developments would have followed, and this dreamer would have remained but a dreamer.

Of course, oceanic voyages are not free of hazards, as the preceding pages readily testify. But anxieties, troubles, and near disasters are not unique to seafaring; both urban and rural living are fraught with them also. And if seafaring is sometimes uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous, then I consider these fair prices to pay in exchange for having lived those few short years in such a heightened style.

To clarify the matter further, it seems to this matelot that the principal maritime assailants are not the vicissitudes of the mighty seas, the hostile storms of unimaginable fury, the world's ubiquitous coral reefs strewn with ill-fated derelicts, or the barbarous natives supposedly lurking behind every tropical bush. Instead, the only genuine insuperable is the dreamer's own apathy. For this can quash the entire adventure before it even begins.

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GV 009: Departure
GV 010: Sailing Credentials
GV 011: First Lesson
GV 012: Sextant Navigation
GV 013: Safety Harness
GV 014: Murphy's law
GV 015: Spirit of Adventure
GV 016: Holding On
GV 017: First Big Storm
GV 018: Storm Intensified
GV 019: Rolling Violently
GV 020: Mizzen Sleeping Bag'sl
GV 021: Freeing the Propeller
GV 022: Visits by Birds
GV 023: Crossing the Doldrums
GV 024: Nearing First Landfall
GV 025: Land Ho
GV 026: Fatu Hiva
GV 027: Trek Inland
GV 028: Anchor Watch
GV 029: Passage
GV 030: Hiva Oa
GV 031: Skin Diving Circus
GV 032: Almost Like a Jungle
GV 033: Polaris Missile
GV 034: Taiohaie Bay
GV 035: Cascade Hakaui
GV 036: Taipi Bay
GV 037: Cyclone Lisa
GV 038: Cyclone Nano
GV 039: Passage of Patience
GV 040: Tuamotu Archipelago
GV 041: Tahiti
GV 042: Cyclone Reva
GV 043: Secret Sharer
GV 044: Moorea
GV 045: Cyclone Veena
GV 046: Aftermath
GV 047: Good Weather in Papeete
GV 048: Huahine
GV 049: Raiatea
GV 050: BoraBora
GV 051: Rarotonga
GV 052: Tonga
GV 053: Fresh Air
GV 054: Tongan Feast
GV 055: Excursion to Maninita
GV 056: Mariner's Cave
GV 057: Fiji
GV 058: Ndravuni Island
GV 059: Mara Island
GV 060: Aneityum
GV 061: Noumea
GV 062: St Elmo's fire
GV 063: Breakwater Reef
GV 064: Bundaberg
GV 065: Life on the Burnett River
GV 066: Engine Sabotage
GV 067: Flying
GV 068: Aground in Round Hill Creek
GV 069: Gladstone Confinement
GV 070: Tropical Queensland
GV 071: Trip into Townsville
GV 072: Cairns Sojourn
GV 073: Cramped Cooktown
GV 074: Lizard Island
GV 075: The San Michelle
GV 076: Lost Mummy Cave
GV 077: Land's End
GV 078: Darwin
GV 079: Christmas Is
GV 080: Passage
GV 081: Cocos Keeling
GV 082: Crossing the Indian Ocean
GV 083: Rodriguez
GV 084: Mauritius
GV 085: Reunion Cirque de Mafate
GV 086: Reunion Cirque de Salazie
GV 087: Passage to Africa
GV 088: Kruger National Park
GV 089: Richards Bay
GV 090: Durban
GV 091: Port Elizabeth
GV 092: Cape Town
GV 093: Storm Passage
GV 094: St Helena
GV 095: Passage to Brazil
GV 096: Fortaleza
GV 097: Passage to Caribbean
GV 098: Bonaire
GV 099: Passage to Panama
GV 100: Panama
GV 101: Panama Canal
GV 102: Medidor
GV 103: Costa Rica
GV 104: Passage to Acapulco
GV 105: Acapulco to Cabo
GV 106: Baja
GV 107: Home Port
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