Flight of the Errant Torpedoes

Baja de los Angeles to La Paz

Baja Sea-Kayaking Adventure #4

26 days, 480 miles, Nov 1977 with John and Al

Ray Jardine

1977-11-21Flight of the Errant Torpedoes page 27 of 28

Up at 2:00, and paddling by 3:15. The sea is calm, we paddle four hours and take a shore break and a bearing to check our progress. Only ten miles; what a blow. The currents are against us. So we paddle much harder for the next 3-3/4 hours, as if to make up for the effects of current. Finally we find another cove where we can get to land without passing through the awesome surf. It is very hot and we are tired, but here we can break for a couple of hours and get back out to sea again for a bit more paddling.

We lay on the beach with our bodies crammed against the kayaks for the scant shade they offer, and fall asleep.

I awake out of a deep sleep and sit up, looking out at the ocean - when suddenly I see a kayak come around the point! I whistle as loud as I am able, but the solitary kayaker gives no response, but paddles past us and continues down the coast.

Al and I jump in the boats and paddle hard. Is this John?

Slowly we close the gap, with spray flying off our bows. We are really cranking. Finally we get close enough to recognize John. We paddle up and surprise him.

So we paddle for another couple of hours and beach it where I think we can portage directly across the spit into Bahia la Paz. Getting through the surf is an experience in itself. It is nearly dark. I set off to cross the spit while Al keeps a watch out for John, who has fallen behind. I did not find the bay, only lots more empty desert; and Al did not find John, only lots more ill-tempered ocean. We think he has beached somewhere behind us.

So we scrounge for firewood, and eat the last of our food in the form of eggs and two cans of verduras. The ol' sleeping bag (and all else) got quite a drenching when I took several breakers, and the boat was quite damp inside. What a joy (not) to crawl into a soggy sleeping bag which is atop a drenched pad, which is upon a soaked poncho, lying on the finest grain sand imaginable - the type of sand that gets into everything and clings to it tenaciously.

We paddled about 11 hours and went 36 miles. The lights of La Paz are bright and all around us.

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