Flight of the Errant Torpedoes

Baja de los Angeles to La Paz

Baja Sea-Kayaking Adventure #4

26 days, 480 miles, Nov 1977 with John and Al

Ray Jardine

1977-11-20Flight of the Errant Torpedoes page 26 of 28

Get up rather late (4:15) because the sea is rather noisy. Make a quick fire for coffee and shove off by 5:00. I experience a bad case of vertigo this morning. Heavy seas and no light, plus it is raining a bit. Have to quit paddling briefly several times to regain equilibrium. Gradually the day gets a bit light, and I feel much better. The sea is quite choppy and we paddle hard for four hours. We take a shore break for half an hour, and then paddle another four. Because of the rough conditions, we paddle extra hard. The last hour and a half is a real gasser. Push it through though, and make it to our objective.

8 hours, 34 miles.

We stroll down the beach a bit further, looking for a campsite out of the wind, and discover a perfectly waveless cove where we could have beached, but more, where could have good access to the sea in case of heavy surf in the morning.

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