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Ray Jardine

I have been practicing the occasional water fast for most of my adult life. I began at age 23 with a three-day fast. I learned the importance of this from reading books about Mahatma Gandhi. No matter that I was a devout Christian back then, I found that the same general principles apply - for a person seeking spiritual enlightenment. So even when I worked at Outward Bound for seven years, I fasted three days during every course.

In my later years, I try to fast at least once a year. Not for spiritual enlightenment, so much, as the whole-body cleansing and healing. I have found that an extended water-fast works like a roto-rooter in cleaning the organs, arteries, and the internal body workings of toxins, sludge and fat resulting from normal, every-day eating.

I once juice fasted for three months straight on orange juice and some cantaloupe juice; but that is a different ball game because you are taking in nutrients and calories. During those three months my energy level was quite high. But on a water fast you're taking in nothing but pure water.

A water fast is a pretty drastic measure. The body will tolerate it for a few days without problems, but if longer than that, medical supervision is highly recommended. There are several fasting clinics around the country, with doctors in residence. For a good idea of what's involved, watch the DVD video "Fasting Can Save Your Life (DVD). This is my go to program during each fast.

  • 2011-10: 33-Day-Fast

  • 2014-10: 40-Day-Fast

  • 2015-06: 30-day fast

  • 2015-11: 14-day fast

  • 2016-10 14-day fast: I started with a week of raw foods, eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, with some seeds and nuts thrown into the mix. Then came the 14-day fast, eating nothing and drinking nothing but distilled water for 14 days.

    A water fast is not too fun, but its super effective at regaining health. It cleans the body, gut and arteries like a roto-rooter.

    This time I experienced a new and unexpected benefit. Over the last decade I have been unable to hear high-pitched sounds, and this is a normal aspect of aging. For example, I can't hear my wristwatch alarm, because it's too high-pitched. But yesterday I was startled by someones alarm. This was first time in 10 years I have heard that sound.

  • 2017-04 days and counting ...

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