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Ray Jardine

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Stolen Motorcycles


Thieves broke into our garage in the early morning without waking us or the dogs. In hindsight I'm glad that we didn't hear them because, as we learned later, the ring leader was armed with a handgun.

We had two motorcycles, both BMW f650 Dakars. Dakar-1 had 60,000 miles on it, from my various adventures. Dakar-2 was a new-to-us bike, bought a few weeks earlier, same model and year, but pristine and much less mileage (7,700).

The thieves took both bikes, a garage-door opener, and nothing else.


Dakar-1 went for a joy ride. We had called the police right away, so our local deputies were on the lookout. They caught sight of Dakar-1 and gave chase. The thief eluded the deputies by riding full-bore out into the desert. Other deputies caught sight of it again, but the bike was much faster in the desert than the pursuing vehicles, so the deputies were unable to catch it. But then the Border Patrol helicopter happened to see it, and gave chase.

That chase lasted for 20 minutes, with the deputies in pursuit. The bike picked up a length of wire that wrapped around the rear axle. Eventually the rear tire went flat, and in another five minutes the tire came off the wheel and at high speed the motorcycle crashed into a heap with the guy under it. According to the helicopter pilot, the guy reached into his pocket, so the pilot radioed a warning to the police of a possible handgun. The police later found the gun hidden nearby.

A few hours later we recieved a call from the Sheriff's Office saying they have our motorcycle, and the suspect in custody.

Dakar-1 at the Sheriff's Sub-Station. The deputies had loaded the bike into one of their trucks, and transported to here. Then they helped me load it onto this trailer belonging to a friend.

It was nice to get my baby back, but unfortunately during the crash the chain came off the rear sprocket and wrapped twice around the front sprocket and tweaked the engine, which was now leaking oil.

In my garage, the bike is awaiting the tow truck for transport to the BMW shop. The tire pulled the chain off the sprocket.

A long length of wire is wrapped around the rear axle.

The chain has wrapped around the center stand, and twice around the front sprocket.

With a mighty pull, the chain caused most of the damage to the engine, during the crash.

On the tow truck for transport to the BMW shop.

The BMW shop assessed the damage at $7,200, so the insurance company totaled the bike.

A whole Litany of Damaged Parts

When I told the guy at the BMW shop that I was buying it back (for $500), in a surprised voice he said it was going to be a lot of work to restore it.

I bought Dakar-1 back from the insurance company as a project bike, and will be working on it during the winter. Even if I get it running, it will still have a Salvage Restored Title, so will have a lesser value in terms of resale. But I figure this will be a good learning experience, removing the engine and tearing it apart.


I now have Dakar-1 in my man-cave (living room) and am working on it, piece by piece. And meanwhile we have been installing a security system on the house.

The police caught four thieves. The person who stole Dakar-1 (the bike which went for the joy ride) was charged with: Theft of Means of Transportation, class 3 felony; Misconduct Involving Weapons, class 4 felony; Unlawful Flight from Law Enforcement, class 5 felony; and Possession of Marijuana. He was sentenced to four years in prison, plus restitution for the economic losses. This was not his first offense. Another suspect in this case was booked, and the outcome is pending. The thief of Dakar-2, and the bike itself, is still at large. Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Two other suspects were women; one was arrested then released.

* * *

Assessment of Damages

by the BMW Motorcycle shop in Tucson


  • Engine double ignition silver 11117675291 ($9,166.80) 5.6
  • Crankcase assembly 11117653545 1 $1,280.05
  • Roll pin 11112343233 5 $19.95
  • SCREW PLUG 1 $5.99
  • Bush 11112343013 2 $18.00
  • PIN 2 $5.98
  • BEARING SHELL 2 $239.98
  • Dowel pin 11112343234 2 $24.00
  • TORX BOLT 13 $38.87
  • Cylinder gasket 11117706497 1 $11.88
  • Cylinder head gasket 11127678889 1 $57.50
  • LT Crankcase cover gasket 11147706498 1 $31.96
  • RT Crankcase cover 11147685489 1 $260.15
  • Shaft seal 11142343038 1 $9.00
  • RT Crankcase cover gasket 11147706500 1 $22.82 Incl.
  • HOSE CLAMP 1 $4.99
  • RT Crankcase cover rear 11147659940 1 $87.11 0.8
  • ISA SCREW 3 $8.97
  • TORX BOLT 1 $2.99
  • RING 1 $3.99
  • Oil filter cover 11427652857 1 $38.76 0.4
  • Oil filter 11412343118 1 $15.00 0.3
  • O-ring 11417654013 1 $5.00
  • TORX BOLT 2 $5.98
  • GASKET RING 4 $7.96


  • Water pump gasket 11517652950 1 $7.14 0.8


  • Swing arm 33178526945 1 $921.07 1.2
  • Gasket ring 33177650203 4 $16.00
  • Needle sleeve 33537650093 4 $44.00
  • STOP DISK 2 $7.98
  • BUSH BEARING 2 $63.98
  • WASHER 2 $1.98
  • Engine sprocket gear 23002343191 1 $44.13 1.1
  • Drive chain 112L 27727682439 1 $118.05 Incl.
  • Sprocket gear rear 27712345857 1 $54.68 1.1
  • Chain slide rail 27722343550 1 $26.25 Incl.
  • ABSORBER 2 $7.98
  • Chain tensioning pulley 46517678506 1 $95.00
  • Chain tensioning pulley 46517691335 1 $95.00
  • Roll pin 27722345831 1 $7.00


  • Wheel assy rear (spoked) 36317654027 1 $1,021.15 Incl.
  • HEX BOLT 6 $41.94
  • 84 WASHER 6 $5.94
  • NUT 6 $5.94
  • FABRIC TAPE 1 $1.99
  • SCREW 6 $17.94


  • Brake caliper rear 34112345856 $427.41 0.5 M
  • Brake caliper pad set rear 34217664983 $50.91 0.8 M
  • ATTACHMENT KIT $26.99 0.5 M
  • Brake master cylinder reservoir rear $20.91 0.3 M


  • CLAMP 12.3MM 2 $11.98
  • Securing plate 23002343472 1 $3.00
  • TKC8O 130/80-17 CONTINENTAL 1 $147.99 0.7 M
  • TKC8O 90/90-21 CONTINENTAL 1 $101.95 0.8 M
  • SHOP SUPPLIES 1 $25.00

SUBTOTALS $5,635.15, 16.9 hours labor

Mechanical Labor 16.9 hrs @ $ 95.50 /hr $1,613.95

Sales Tax $ 5,635.15 @ 8.3000 oh $467.72

Deductible -$500.00

Net Cost of Repairs $7,216.92

* * *


I had just bought another motorcycle two weeks earlier, same model and year, but pristine and much less mileage (7,700). The thieves stole this bike also. Both bikes had insurance coverage, but the new one had taken me four years of actively searching to find. It was a rare bird. And so far we have no leads on its whereabouts.

Dakar 2: If anyone happens to find this bike on eBay, Craigslist, or etc, please let me know. The thief did not get the fairings, tail bag, tail light, license plate, battery, and the front turn signals. I had removed those items prior. But they did get a center stand that I had installed. Distinguishing features include the rear mud guard, lack of engine protection bars, and the orange brake fluid container (the brake fluid was really old).

Dakar-2 taken by a security camera

* * *

So sorry, Ray, to hear about your motorcycle getting "borrowed" and trashed. Glad to hear, though, that the police were pretty responsive and persistent, and caught the guy. Sad that it had to end with a crash that ruined your bike. -Kerry R., Michigan

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