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This is the first time I have removed the swingarm, so I will document the process.

tension struts loosened and swingarm is ready for removal.

Swingarm removed.

Tension struts.

Idler Arm (Dog Bone)

I've cleaned the swingarm, but not the tension struts.

I pressed out the sleeve from the swingarm using a big vise and a few sockets.

Bad needle sleeve with missing bearings.

One needle sleeve inside the swingarm was demolished. How could it be in such a mess? A few needle bearings were broken, and a few were missing. The other three needle sleeves in the swingarm were fine, but dry.

Nevertheless, I now see why these bearings should not be blasted in a car wash. The water gets in there and causes corrosion.

NEEDLE SLEEVE 22X28X16 for Swingarm Part # 375077 $8.26 (The X16 means the sleeve contains 16 roller bearings)

Jenny helping remove the swingarm on her bike.

Pressing a new bearing into the swingarm.

Parts cleaned, needle bearings removed and greased, and putting everything back together.

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