Hang Gliding

Spread your wings and fly!

Apr 1978 - Aug 1986

Ray Jardine

Hang Gliding

Everyone knows that an unpowered hang glider cannot fly up to the clouds  

Jenny driving the chase van.

Spread your wings ... and fly!

First flight on the Fledge, Ft. Funston, San Fransisco, 1979.

Fledge on Mt. Francis, UT., 1979.

Flying a Lancer at Ft. Funston, 1979

Very active hang glider pilot for eight years, beginning in 1978. During that time logged some 400 hours aloft; which is a lot of air time with no motor. Flew mostly in Utah, mainly in the mountains. In the later years would launch from the Point of the mountain, north side, and fly the thermals to parts unknown. Also flew a lot in Yosemite and Colorado. Gliders: Sea Hawk, Fledge, Atlas, Magic III.

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