Ray Jardine

Ray Jardine Firsts


  • Invented Single-Anchor Hammock
  • Designed Forrest Rock Hammer Head
  • Originated idea of Virgin Rope
  • Originated Lap Method of Coiling a Rope
  • Originated the method Carrying a Rope like a Backpack
  • Invented Friends, Rock Climbing Hardware (now used by most climbers)
  • Invented special nuts, used during last several years of climbing career (not disclosed)
  • Invented a friction knot using two Carabiners to belay the second climber (not disclosed)

Hiking and Camping

  • Originated the First Workable System of Lightweight Hiking
  • Popularized the idea of hiking in running shoes
  • Invented the Camping Quilt and Coined the Term
  • Invented the Open-at-the-Top Pocket for a Backpack (now used on many, if not most, Backpacks)
  • Invented the Net-Tent
  • Invented the BatWing
  • Invented the Gravity Method of Water Filtration
  • Coined the Term "Power Hiking" and "Power walking"
  • Coined the Term "Stealth Camping"
  • Founded ALDA-West
  • Originated the "Triple Crown" of Long-Distance Hiking
  • Presented the First Plaques to the First Triple Crown Recipients


  • Invented the Frame Bag (now used on most touring bikes)

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