The Rock Climbing Years

Ray Jardine

1963 - On my first rock climb, Storm and Ice

After 2 days of rock climbing classes with instructor Barry Corbet, my friend and I climbed Ice and Storm Peaks in the Tetons. Note the hammer in my pocket, and the metal canteen. We hadn't learned yet that the climbing rope's knot works better in front - although the side-tied style was common at the time.

My climbing partner Grady Matthews on our second rock climb, the Durance Ridge.

Because we had very little equipment, and not much knowledge of how to use it properly, basically the leader (me) was free soloing.

On our third climb, things started to get a little hairy. This was on the east face of Mt. Teewinot, normally easy but we strayed off-route into technical rock - visible above.

Incidentally, this was our first multi-day climb. (We bivouacked at the end of the long approach.)

Ray's climbing_log

1979 Friends Brochure The First Operation Manual

Pigeons and the Naked Edge 1970

"Who's Your Friend" Alec Sharp interviews Ray Jardine, Mountain magazine, 1979

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