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Ray Jardine

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    • Seven months working on an electo-medical device.
    • Winter: training for the AT.


    • Write and publish "Trail Life," doing all the layout work and photo prep myself.
    • Running and training for the AT.


    • Trip to Colorado skiing Loveland and snowkiting Dillon reservoir.
    • A week's snowkiting in Minnesota.
    • A week's snowkiting in Utah.
    • Climbed Pic'ho Peak 105 times in 2006.


    • Working on Ray-Way Products full-time except for:
    • Teach 2 Journey's Flow class in Oregon.
    • 9/20 personal accident.
    • Trip to Caribbean.
    • Climbed Pic'ho Peak 48 times in 2005.


    • Hold five 3-day sewing classes; students make backpacks, quilts, etc.
    • Teach two Journey's Flow classes and one 10-day Connection Camp.
    • Trip to Caribbean with lots of windsurfing as usual.


    • Retire from skydiving with R 2,591 jumps & J 2,000.
    • Start company Ray-Way Products and start making and selling kits for sewing outdoor gear.
    • Write The Ray Way Tarp Book.
    • Autumn: teaching classes: 7-day Journey's Flow class Oregon, and three 7-day Connection Camps Arizona.


    • Skydiving full time except for:
    • Trip to Caribbean (April)
    • Trip to UK.


    • Full-time skydiving except for:
    • Move into new house of own design.
    • In first year of skydiving R logs 1,300 jumps and Jenny 700.


    • Six months developing next phase of r-way lightweight hiking (unpublished).
    • Week of fishing at Kasba Lake with parents.
    • Two weeks skydiving Arizona.
    • Two weeks skydiving Florida.
    • Trip to Caribbean.
    • Move to Arizona and begin skydiving full time.


    • Several zero-packweight outings, the longest being 12 days.
    • A week in VA studying under master flintknapper Errett Callahan.
    • Host BBC film crew of 7 in Three Sisters Wilderness making film about R & J's wilderness philosophies.


    • Arctic and sub-arctic trip #4: Paddle kayak #3 down Mackenzie River 975 miles Ft. Providence to Inuvik in 18 days, float-plane to turn-around point of previous summer on coast, paddle 200 miles to Tuktoyaktuk in 12 days.
    • Fall: Nearly 3 months at Tracker school.
    • A week in the tropics.


    • Spring: Design and build kayak #2 of Kevlar, carbon fiber and epoxy.
    • Summer: Arctic trip #3: kayak Alaska coastline, Shishmaref to within 11 miles of Herschell Island, Canada. Stopped by pack ice and paddle sub-freezing conditions 100 miles back to village of Kaktovik. 78 days, 1,440 miles.
    • Fall: 3 weeks Tracker classes.


    • Spring: 12 days in tropics.
    • Design and build kayak #1 of carbon fiber & epoxy.
    • Summer: Arctic trip #2 Paddle from St. Marys near mouth of Yukon River, north along coast of Alaska to Shishmaref, exceptionally stormy conditions. 48 days, 600 miles.
    • BVI bareboat charter w/ snorkeling & windsurfing.

    • Make our first web page.


    • Sell second rental property.
    • Spring holiday 9 days in tropics.
    • 10 days BVI bareboating.


    • Spring: Sell one rental property.
    • Start American Long Distance Hiker's Association, West. At first annual Gathering climb nearby South Sister mountain. Start publishing quarterly newsletter. By the time we resign, 3 years later, paid membership is at 850.


    • Spring: Publish PCT Hiker's Handbook.
    • Fall: 10 day BVI bareboat charter.


    • Spring: Hike Na Pali Coast, Hawaii.
    • Summer: PCT hike #2: 2,700 mi. total, Campo to Manning Park in 4 months and 3 days.
    • Washington DC, 5 days at Smithsonian.


    • 1990: Spring: 9 days Yellowstone River.
    • Buy 3 fixer-upper houses and spend summer renovating them, live in one and rent the other two.
    • Build garage, our first construction project.
    • Write book about round-the-world voyage (published 2015 as Global Voyage).
    • 300 hours programming new Friend stem design, make it twice as strong and half the weight - WC rejects it.


    • Spring: 23 days Yellowstone River.
    • Summer: Write book about PCT hike #1 (unpublished).
    • Write book "Saga of Sea Tub" about 3,300 mile sea-kayaking journey (unpublished).
    • 12 days Yellowstone River.
    • Baja trip # 9: The Cardon Coast, paddling 680 mi. from San Felipe to La Paz in 33 days.
    • Move to Oregon and live in van a month while looking for inexpensive property.


    • "Arctic" trip #1: Sea Tub (web story): 3,300 mile kayak trip in 100 days, Anacortes, WA, to Bering Sea. Route: 1,100 miles Inside Passage to Skagway, 100 miles portage Chilkoot Trail in 3 trips, 2,000 miles Yukon River to Bering Sea, return 7 miles to village of Emmonak.
    • Fall: 20 days Yellowstone River.
    • Winter: rent apartment Salt Lake City, writing.


    • Two days after completing PCT we participate in Pikes Peak marathon ascent.


    • Sell sailboat.
    • Summer cross-country hang gliding Utah, Jenny driving radio-equipped chase vehicle, 89 hours flight time in 78 days.
    • Fall: 13 days Yellowstone River.


    • Fourteen days sailing across Southern Atlantic to St. Helena, 6 days there. Eighteen days sailing to Fortaleza, Brazil, 4 days there. 16 days sailing north along coast of South America and into Caribbean, to Bonaire. Six months in Bonaire, waiting out hurricane season, snorkeling and scuba diving. Eight days sailing to Panama, 22 days there including touring country by car and transiting Panama Canal. Six days to Costa Rica, 25 days there. 40 days sailing along coast of Central America, stopping at various ports of call. Sail back into San Diego harbor December 24, 1985, completing round the world voyage.


    • Rebuild sailboat engine. Two months sailing north inside Great Barrier Reef, anchoring each night. Nine days sailing to Darwin and 17 days there. Fifteen days to Christmas Island and 6 days there. Five days to Cocos Keeling, favorite tropical island, and 21 days there. Sixteen days to Rodriguez, 7 days there. Four days to Mauritius, 10 days there. Two days to Reunion Island, 10 days there - mostly hiking remote interior. Nineteen days sailing to Richard's Bay, South Africa, and 28 days there. Several trips inland, including 5 days at fabulous Kruger National Game Park. Three months in South Africa altogether, hopping port to port making way around infamous Cape of Storms.


    • Three months Tahiti & Moorea, and a month in the Leewards. Six days sailing to Rarotonga, 12 days there. Eleven days sailing to Vava'u, Tonga, 35 days there. Five days to Fiji, 23 days there. Five days to Solomon islands, 4 days there. Four days sailing to New Caledonia, 14 days there. Nine days sailing to Bundaburg, Australia, 6 months waiting out cyclone season. Buy motorcycle and tour inland, take lessons in powered aircraft and earn Restricted Private Pilot's License. Also fly sailplanes once a week.


    • End marriage #2.
    • Hire secretary named Jenny.
    • Take Jenny scuba diving Cayman Islands and 1.5 months England, climbing (21 routes) and business, with week's holiday in Alps.
    • Wild Country withdraws my U.S. Friends distributorship.
    • Jenny and I decide to chuck it all and sail around the world.
    • November 2: set sail - 3,000 mi. in 29 days to Marquesas Islands. Two months gunkholing Marquesas.


    • Buy 41' sailboat with intent of sailing around the world. Live aboard and manage Friends distribution.
    • On return trip van engine blows, tow it to San Diego and rebuild it in the parking lot.
    • 26 days in England, climbing and working at Wild Country.


    • Yosemite winter, lots of climbing & X-C skiing.
    • With a few friends invent "Sport Jumping" leaping off rock walls while belayed with climbing rope - the precursor to bungy jumping.
    • Spring: 4 months on Nose of El Cap, descending daily and commuting back up via jumar; free climb to base of Great Roof.
    • Marriage #2.
    • Summer: hang gliding Utah, mostly cross-country flying, 64 hours air time in 67 days.
    • Rebuild van engine.
    • Fall: Baja trip #7 on Hobi 18: San Diego to Ensenada, and Bahia de Los Angles to nearby islands. Capsize Hobi, loose much gear when lashings break.
    • Rent apartment El Cajon, boulder regularly Mt. Woodson.


    • Very full spring season climbing and hang gliding Yosemite. First free ascent of an El Cap grade VI: West Face.
    • Summer: hang gliding Owens Valley finishing by demolishing glider in crash on Cerro Gordo.
    • Very full season hang gliding Utah.
    • 2.5 months in England, climbing 46 routes and working on Friends.
    • Back in Yosemite, buy first computer, Apple IIe, and log several hundred hours programming.
    • Hang gliding Wyoming.
    • Excellent Fall season climbing Yosemite.
    • Baja trip #6: 9 days paddling in vicinity of Bahia de Los Angeles.


    • Prospects of Friends going on sale seem slim, and I need living expenses for the coming climbing season, so work a few weeks Portland unloading freight.
    • Feb 23: receive first batch of Friends from Wild Country. First person in US to see one is first person to buy one - the Customs Import Agent happened to be climber.
    • Spring climbing season in Yosemite, sell Friends out of car for $17.50 ea.
    • Also start hang gliding. Friends sell well and for first time in 9 years I have extra money, so buy first hang glider, a used Sea Hawk.
    • Summer: work on business distributing Friends to US climbing shops.
    • 18 days on Yellowstone River.
    • Fall: hang gliding Colorado and short flying season Utah.
    • Full season climbing Yosemite with lots of hang gliding also.
    • Make first-ever and possibly world's-only hang gliding flight off El Cap.
    • Baja trip #5: 9 days with family members to islands around Loreto.
    • Back in Yosemite for winter, trade old Rambler - home for several years - for equally old van which has more living space.


    • Spring in Yosemite, three months climbing 5.12 nearly every day, (Separate Reality, Owl, Phoenix, Rostrum) culminating in the Phoenix, 5.13.
    • Two months climbing in England, 109 routes altogether, working with Mark Vallance to manufacture Friends and start Wild Country. My expenses paid but no salary.
    • Back in the States, agate hunting on Yellowstone river for three weeks grubstaking next trip.


    • Very full Spring climbing season including my first 5.12s (Crimson Cringe & Hangdog Flyer) which were among the very first 5.12s anywhere. 4th El Cap route (3-D), and more than 75 other climbs.
    • End of season bank balance: $6.30.
    • Wilderness Instructor in Northwest.
    • between classes lead about 100 pitches at Columns, Eugene.
    • Fall: Yosemite climbing season.


    • Spring climbing Eldorado.
    • End of marrage #1.
    • Very full season in Yosemite, about 50 routes including several first ascents.
    • Summer: Wilderness Instructor in San Juans, Colorado.
    • Fall: climbing season Yosemite.
    • Baja trip #2: three weeks exploring the coast by car and kayak.


    • Very full Spring season Yosemite, using Friends for first time.
    • Attempt first one-day ascent of Nose, afternoon deluge forces bivy at Camp V, finish in 20 hours total climbing time cutting previous record of 3 days in half.
    • Summer: Wilderness Instructor Gore Range, Colorado.
    • Fall: make fiberglass kayak on Catalina Island and paddle it 27 miles to mainland.
    • Baja trip #1, paddle San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles in two weeks.


    • Climbing in Leavenworth WA.
    • Very full Spring season Yosemite, including 3rd El Cap route (Salathé Wall).
    • Summer Wilderness Instructor Holy Cross range.
    • Climbing Estes Park.
    • Fall: very full season Yosemite.
    • Winter: invent "Friends."


    • Spring in Estes Park climbing scores of routes.
    • A very full season in Yosemite climbing 5.10s almost exclusively.
    • Summer Wilderness Instructor in San Juans, Colorado.
    • Lots of climbing around Estes.
    • 6th & 7th Diamond routes (Jack of Diamonds, Curving Vine).
    • Fall: full season in Yosemite, my first 5.11 which was also 5th ascent and first all-nut ascent of New Dimensions.
    • Taught Advanced Climbing at University of Colorado two seasons.
    • Move to Port Angles, WA and work in home for mentally retarded, one of my most rewarding jobs.


    • Spring in Eldorado and Yosemite, 2nd grade VI on El Cap (W. Face).
    • Summer: numerous routes in Lumpies.
    • 4th & 5th Diamond climbs (Grand Traverse & D-1).
    • Fall: very full season in Yosemite culminated with my first 5.10 off-width.


    • Early Spring: leave aerospace industry, start climbing Eldorado Canyon full time.
    • Spring: first full climbing season Yosemite.
    • Summer, Wilderness Instructor in San Juans, Colorado.
    • Third Diamond climb (Black Daggar).
    • climb Shiprock.
    • Fall in Yosemite, my first climb of El Capitan (Nose).
    • Winter: back with wife, live in Boulder and work as surveyor.
    • Gym workouts, manage 1,000 pull-ups in a day, friends on CU gymnastic team award me with team-colored sweat shirt with large "1" on it, one of my most prized possessions.


    • Year of climbing so intense that it is a wonder Martin Marietta does not fire me. Mostly climbing difficult routes in Eldorado.
    • Second Diamond climb (Yellow Wall).
    • Single again, rent room in Bill Forrest's house with other climbers, help design and make innovative climbing gear.


    • Climbing trip to Yosemite.
    • Large number of fairly difficult routes in Eldorado.
    • Regular bouldering on Flagstaff Mountain & running Mesa Trail.
    • First of 7 Diamond ascents (D-7 with 4 bivies, mostly pitons and a few nuts).


    • Work evenings at North American Aviation, Los Angeles.
    • Spring: Graduate Northrop University with bachelors in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
    • Move to Denver, start working for Martin Marietta as Systems Analyst, specializing in computer simulated space-flight mechanics, shaping trajectories for earth satellite and interplanetary missions.
    • Climbing most evenings and most weekends, mostly in mountains west of Denver with a few forays into Boulder and Eldorado Canyons.
    • first major alpine climb, and only climb with a guide: North Face Grand Teton with Peter Lev in 2 bivies.
    • Start climbing Colorado's 14,000' peaks.
    • Teach for Colorado Alpine Winter Mountaineering School for next two winters.


    • During college: take climbing classes with Sierra Club, body surfing, and a few long bicycle trips.
    • Marriage #1.


    • Only summer off during college, climb extensively in the Garden of the Gods, one route in Tetons, and 2 weeks climbing in Yosemite.


    • Summer: Work in Yellowstone Park as housekeeper and bear clean-up.
    • Rock climbing lessons in Tetons with Instructor Barry Corbet of Everest fame.
    • Climb several routes in the Tetons.
    • Fall: enroll Northrop University, Los Angeles.


    • Graduate high school in Spring with rather poor grades. Decide on aerospace engineering career, so return to high school and take summer classes, then post graduate HS year of math and science.


    Start of the great adventure:

    • Grow up in Colorado Springs.
    • Numerous spelunking trips.
    • Climb Pikes Peak altogether about 50 times.
    • Eagle Scout.
    • Break leg skiing, pins inserted and stay there permanently. Doctor's prognosis: will never walk again without pronounced limp. In cast 9 months, most of that on crutches. Start walking 3 mi to school and 3 mi to work, strengthening leg.
    • High school gymnast (trampoline), Senior year place first at 50% of competitions.
    • Work several years part time for dad and grandfather in plumbing business.

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